How to install appcake

Hello readers, I’m goin to show you how to get the godly application “appcake” onto you itouch/iPhone. First of all please make sure your iPod device is jailbroken, to learn how to so this go here:
After you iPod device is jailbroken make sure “Cydia” is installed, because “Rock” won’t work with this. If you are unfamiliar with those names it is ok, they are just applications that download other apps off the Internet for you, depending on the sources. So our job today is to add a source to “Cydia”
1. Open up Cydia and wait for it to load.
2. Go to “Manage” on the bottom right, to the left of “Search”.
3. Then go to “Sources” in the middle.
4. Once that loads go to the top right and pick “Edit”, the go to the top left and pick “add”.
5. A window type thing should come up in the middle. Put in “” with out the paratheses. Then press add.
6. It should load the page again usually within a minute. Then go find “” in the “entered by user” section of your sources. Click on it.
7. Find “AppCake”. It should be near or on the top.
8. Go to download. Something should pop up and then go to the top right of the popup type thing and click it, I am pretty sure it’s either “install” or “download”.
9. Let it download and reload the page, then click the home button to get out of Cydia.
10. Celebrate because you downloaded appcake 😀

Hope it helps,


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